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View Poll Results: Can Zombies Hold Guns

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  • Yes

    2 28.57%
  • No

    4 57.14%
  • Not In Real Life

    0 0%
  • Maybe Not Sure

    1 14.29%
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    Zombies With Guns...Can They Or Can't They

    Can a zombie hold a gun???
    We see it in video games and movies but that is not real life
    If a living dead was walking and happened to spot a gun could he pick it up or would his composing flesh and bone not cope with the weight of the steel???.

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    Re: Zombies With Guns...Can They Or Can't They

    If zombies could physically walk the earth, then no, I don't believe they could pick up a gun.

    I'm pretty sure rigormortis(sp?) alone would be reason enough they couldn't, not to mention a lack of blood flow to support the muscle contractions needed to pick up and hold a gun. And even if they did, zombies, traditionally, lack anything resembling decent hand-eye coordination, so I'm pretty sure if they DID manage to pick up a gun, they'd be worse shots than Storm Troopers.
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    Re: Zombies With Guns...Can They Or Can't They

    "To me, humans are capable of being much scarier than any zombie. With zombies at least, they are usually slow and kind of stupid." -- Max Brooks, author or "World War Z".

    A Zombie with a gun is a human with a gun, so it is possible.

    Brooks credits Romero as the godfather of all current zombie projects.

    "George Romero didn't start the genre," Brooks said. "There were zombie movies before him, but there were space movies before George Lucas, too.

    "(Romero) redefined it. His zombie movies are deeply steeped in some kind of social commentary and I think a lot of that has fallen by the wayside. I think a lot of zombie movies are just focused more on heads being blown off."

    Brooks' "World War Z" ascribes to Romero's vision as it details the political and social ramifications of a global zombie epidemic and an all-out battle between zombies and humans. There are government cover-ups and catastrophes as well as tales of personal heroism. It's told in a diary-like format that recalls the recent past.

    "I think that social commentary is what keeps us coming back to zombies," Brooks said, "because the zombie genre kind of had its zenith in the 1970s. It was a time when we had an unpopular war, political scandals and social unrest. It seemed like things were falling apart around us. Lord knows those days are behind us, right?"

    Why would a zombie need a gun anyway? If he wants to kill someone he just has to look scary. If he's trying to protect himself, it's a lost cause.
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    Re: Zombies With Guns...Can They Or Can't They

    Technically speaking if he/she cannot support the weight of say a four pound Glock than how could they support their own weight?

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    Re: Zombies With Guns...Can They Or Can't They

    Goodie, a gimmick poster.

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    Re: Zombies With Guns...Can They Or Can't They

    Yes, but they'd take a -4 to attack for not being proficient.
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