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    Re: The Uniqueness of the Bible

    Quote Originally Posted by kaptonok View Post
    Just think how quickly Isis arose in the so called age of reason. Just look at the Arab nations at this moment.
    Just think how quickly Hitler and others like him rose to power in the so called age of reason. Just look at how a country and its secular leadership burned/gassed alive millions upon millions of innocent people because they just happened to be Jews. And then, of course, there's secular Stalin and Lenin and other secularists -- all in the age of reason. Reason does not protect freedom in a society from insanity and chaos. Freedom has to be defended if it is valued. An age of reason does not protect it from secular psychos or religious ones. It has a price to guard it from both extremes.

    I would also point out that historically far more people have been killed in secular wars then religious wars.

    In the twinkling of an eye sanity can be lost , I feel it even in my old bones.
    There are really no guarantees in this temporal world and our first breath, except perhaps taxes and our last breath. We can but be grateful for our moment of sanity while we have awareness.
    "The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” --"The Mental Universe” | Nature
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    Re: The Uniqueness of the Bible

    Spendid stuff I agree with your conclusions belief or non belief is no guarentee of safety.Wickedness belongs to us all and must be part of our makeup. This is the conclusion of modern science in its attempt to explain human behaviour.
    The difference between the secular personality and the Christian is the secularist accepts this fact the Christian ethier denies it or believes manis curable by
    redemption from an outside power. This maybe believable in theory but it is falsified by Christian behaviour.
    This worried Christians hence the theory of sin and the oldman versus the newman.
    Now this subtle introduction makes it impossible to critisise Christianity. You see it is a closed system just as exists in Isis but far more benign.
    Once the human mind is gripped by such systems religious or otherwise danger looms, but free the mind and we have a chance even if it is a small one.
    Naturally there are other stumbling blocks such as greed , thoughtlessness , ignorance which are quite capable of setting the clock back.


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